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Casting Clinics

Casting Clinics – they are free for everyone

These Clinics are great opportunities for those who have minor issues with their casting or for those who cannot spend their money for casting lessons. Every now and then, their will be a casting clinic somewhere and it will take place when at least one person registers her or his interest for it. They are also great opportunities for all those who want to try out fly casting and need some help in the beginning. You don’t need to have an own rod and reel, just let me know that you need some stuff and we will sort it out.

The topics for the day will come from you, that way, every casting clinic will be different and due to the mix of topics it will be interesting for everyone. The number of attendees is not limited, however, the layout for the clinic will depend on this and it can change from more individual lessons to demonstrations for the entire class. Nevertheless, everyone will hopefully learn some new stuff and while doing that we will have a good time to practise our casting in good company with other fly fishers.

Look out for the next clinic and please don’t forget to register your interest, it’s for free. I’m looking forward to meet you there and I’m already curious about the topics you come up with.

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