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The Essential of Fly-Casting

This workshop will cover the fundamentals of fly casting and is based upon the 5 Essentials by Bill and Jay Gammel. You will learn the mechanics of a proper cast as well as how to apply them to different situations while fishing. Other elements of this workshop will deal with your own safety when wind is coming and how to adapt your cast to have despite wind a joyful fishing day.

Workshop Includes
  • Pick-up and Lay-down Cast

  • Over-Head Cast

  • Roll Cast

  • Roll Cast pick-up

  • Reach Cast

  • Wiggle Cast

Basic Presentation Casts

This workshop will cover the most needed presentation casts for trout fishing. It will start with a review of the basic over-head cast and its mechanics as the important part of every presentation cast is that you can control your cast. After we managed that, you will learn how to perform them, about the benefits and limitations of each cast and how to apply them to certain fishing situation.

Workshop Includes
  • Review of the Over-head Cast

  • Reach Cast / Reach Mend

  • Wiggle Cast

  • How to Mend Line

  • Aerial Mends

  • Pile Cast

  • Tuck Cast

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